The Inaugural Post!

Concept art, Gaming

Hello and welcome to the very first post! Here, as you probably already guessed by looking at the blog’s title, I’ll be talking about games, but more specifically, video games and the goings on in the industry. This can range from release dates of upcoming titles, to my opinions about industry figures and events, to commentary on general happenings across the world of gaming. Basically anything relating to gaming could end up right here on this very blog!

However, this isn’t all. I’m also very fond of concept art, and seeing as it ties in with gaming quite nicely, this will also be a place where I give little shout-outs to artists that I happen to find and think make great pieces of work.

For starters, I’d like to talk about Fallout 4. I’m sure most everyone reading this is following the game pretty closely, but I’d still like to take a moment to talk about the recently announced season pass. Many people feel like the very idea of a season pass is a bad thing, and rips off consumers. Even some game developers feel that season passes aren’t the way to go. However, getting a discounted price on all of the DLC for a game can’t be all bad, right?

In the case of Fallout 4’s DLC, there isn’t really a way to know if the season pass is worth it yet. On one hand, Bethesda Studios has said that they will work with the feedback given to them by players to determine what the DLC will be, and this sounds to me like a wonderful idea. However, this means that what the DLC will be is a complete mystery; even to the developers, and that raises some questions about the 50 dollar price tag. Will the price be worth whatever the DLC ends up becoming? Tell me what you think about The Fallout season pass, or even just DLC in general. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment!


For the first post on this Blog, I’d like to share some pieces of art by Simon StÃ¥lenhag, one of my personal favorite artists.

stalenhagstalenhag 2

You can see these works and more from Simon here!